Why Choose Grizzly and Northern Snow Removal?

The reputable DLC Greenteam Landscaping represents: dedication, professionalism and quality workmanship.  The new management team is eager to provide the same quality of service for our Grizzly and Northern Snow Removal clients.

24 Hrs

Here are some more reason to choose Grizzly Snow Removal in West Island

  • 5932207_sGrizzly and Northern Snow Removal have been providing snow removal and related services in the West Island since 1990
  • Our management team has a combined, over 30 years of business experience in the West Island
  • We operate 30 tractors with inverted snow blowers, 10 walkway crews and experienced contractors who are devoted to top-quality snow removal services.
  • We operate 24 hours a day.
  • Our office is centrally located for customer convenience.
  • We now offer optional snow removal updates through an automated telephone service called “SnowComm” that will notify you of our last snow removal pass. “SnowComm” will also advise you of when to remove all vehicles in the driveway.
  • Our skilled drivers are efficient and highly experienced in operating heavy machinery.
  • We have salt and salt trucks available on sight to better serve our customers in icy weather.
  • We offer reliable 24-hour customer service.